Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gprs settings for ufone warid zong telenor mobilink jazz indigo

gprs edge settings for telenor zong ufone
mobilink warid telecom

following are free manual gprs/edge settings for
all mobile phone networks in pakistan.i saw many
people have facing problem to get setting in there
handsets,in following steps you can manually
configure your cell phone for internet wap and


ufone gprs internet setting

Account name: Ufone
Access point: ufone.pinternet
user name: ufone
password: ufone

ufone mms settings

Account name:" ufone mms
Access point: ufone.plmms

NOTE: first activate your ufone gprs before you
setting your phone manually,you can activate
ufone gprs by calling help line 333 or send sms to
222 whith your phone model.for example
sonyericsson k810i and send to 222


telenor gprs internet setting

Account name: telenor
Access point: internet
user name: telenor
password: telenor

telenor mms setting

Account name: telenor mms
Access point: mms
proxy adress/homepage:
port: 8080


zong gprs internet setting

Account name: zong
Access point: zonginternet
user name: (not require leave blank)
password: (not require leave blank)

zong mms setting

Account name: zongmms
Access point: zongmms
proxy adress/homepage:

NOTE: no require gprs activation its already
activated on every telenor sim


warid gprs setting

Account name: warid
Access point: wap.warid
proxy address:
user name: (not require leave blank)
password: (not require leave blank)

warid mms setting

Access point: mms.warid
user name: (not require leave blank)
password (not require leave blank)

NOTE: first activate gprs by calling helpline 321,
ignore this step if you already activate gprs


JAZZ gprs internet setting

Account name: jazz
Access point:
user name: mobilink
password: mobilink

jazz mms settings

Account name: jazz mms
Access point:
Home page: http://mms/
proxy ip:
user name: mobilink
password: mobilink

INDIGO (postpaid)

mobilink indigo gprs internet setting

Account name: mobilink
Access point:
user name: mobilink
password : mobilink

mobilink indigo mms setting

Account name: mobilink mms
Access point:
Home page: http://mms/
proxy ip:
user name: mobilink
password: mobilink

NOTE: if you activated mobilink flash gprs/edge
then add "byte" in begining of access point,for
example indigo gprs access point is connect. in case of mobilink flash
internet activated it should be byteconnect.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

zong new gprs edge packages

zong introduce new gprs packages, zong users can now select new packages regarding to their requirements and usages.
these new gprs/edge packages are followings
1- monthly 2 GB data package 200 rs+tax per month
2-monthly 4 GB data package 400 rs + tax per month
3-complete unlimited data package 900 rs + tax per month

subscribers can activate these packages via sms to 905, following are short codes for activations
in new text sms write,
Sub2GB and send to 905 (for 2GB package) rs 200 plus tax
Sub4GB and send to 905 (for 4GB package) rs 400 plus tax
subscriber can check their consumed data to write "BALANCE" and send to 130
note: if you user re activate package before expire of old package date their remain data will be added to new package

Saturday, May 23, 2009

ptcl free internet is not more

beware of all people who using ptcl free dial up package...ptcl stop providing free net since 16 may 2009, after huge advertising of free dialup package

so people who are using ptcl dialup net after 16 may will be regular rate charges...i know this news will be not amazing for many peoples because we know its often happening in our country thats companies stop services after increasing customers

its now regular charge of ptcl 1rs per mint or 6rs per hour

Saturday, May 2, 2009

receive email via sms

well zong customers now can receive emails via sms for free from their email accounts (your mobile number will be your email account), and can also send sms for 2rs per sms charges, all your new emails will be direct arrive to your phone via sms like push email,you can send and receive sms via any cell phone no gprs or internet require.

note: no activition require its already activated on all zong numbers

Send Text from Email Address to Mobile Number

write your message & send it to

for example:
goodmorning .this is a test messege

send it to

for sending email someone via sms

write EMAIL & send it to 987

ptcl wireless

ptcl v wireless is a wireless telephonic system, its currently using cdma2000 technology,and providing 150kbps dialup internet speed ( 15 to 18kbps download speed ) in future they planning to use EVDO broadband technology which will be provide faster internet speed

currently its charge 1 rs per 10 minutes or 6 rs per hour internet usage

if you have facing problem with vphone internet , below is some tips to solve its...

1- first make sure that you have receiving full signals on your vphone if poor signals comes in your area then try to use vphone antena which is sperately available in vphone sales centers

2- some time sets having some issues and require to restart (specially if you using zte set) in that case first remove usb cable and charging cable from your wireless set and then turn off and restart your set

3 - if problem still continue then maybe its network busy in your area...pick your wireless phone and dial someone number if the voice comes with cutting then this is surely network to vphone customer care service help line for assistance

here is some numbers of vphone helplines

directory help 1217

package converting 1015

information custom care 1236