Sunday, December 18, 2011

how to get fast internet on mobilink jazz and indigo

mobilink flash

if your gprs internet speed slow on mobilink network then mobilink flash is way to get faster mobile internet,according to mobilink its three time fast when flash service activated

whats flash

flash is mobilink proxy based service it compree data before sending to user so user get fast data but since its compress based so images quality will be poor while browsing and also some secure sites may not work since they not accept proxy based internet

how to activate flash

to activate flash call mobilink helpline 111 on your indigo or jazz number and they will be activated for you within 24 hour.

how to access flash internet

after activating flash internet you need to change your settings mobilink will send you settings if you not recieved settings then you can mannualy create settings

for jazz users:

change access point to

for indigo users:

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